Television Industry – Avadel’s tactical Facebook Ad campaigns and strategic derivatization of content delivered monumental results where others had achieved none at all. This network and its streaming platform had faced failure from other agencies who were unable to tap into their specialized demographic.

Proven results

In the first 4 months of our work together, the agency successfully increased the number of paying subscribers to RIDE TV’s OTT platform by 280%. With our potent combination of derivatized content and strategic ad placement, we achieved massive results where other agencies couldn’t achieve any at all. 

Lead Magnet Creation

By creating and marketing ebooks, GIF packages, and other enticing content, we were able to garner an additional 2,400+ leads

Brand Recognition 

In a specialized community, brand recognition is key. Bringing consistency to the visual branding, continuity to the brand voice, and running awareness campaigns substantially grew the market share for this client.

Strategic Targeting


The equestrian community is incredibly diverse. Other agencies had failed to see the unique demographics inside of this client’s target audience. By targeting specific groups inside of the equestrian community we were able to capture an audience that had previously seemed unreachable.

Social Media


“A lot of other agencies who were really smart, worked hard, and tried to do what y’all did, but they were never able to crack the code. You guys cracked the code, and that is worth its weight in gold.”

– Amanda Morris, Director of Marketing

The numbers

Million people reached in the first 60 days


Increase in Paid Subscribers in 60 days


increase in Total net subscribers

average of new subscribers every month

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