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Innovative and tenacious, we’re as dedicated to your success as you are. Our clients see a 15% increase or more in their total revenue within the first 60 days of working with us.

Why? We follow a proven process and work our a$ses off to grow your bottom line.

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Fort Worth Ad Agency or whole herd of black sheep?


Marketing insight with a touch of crass.

Introducing Avadel

We’ve grown exponentially over the last few years and it’s all because we found our niche, our forte. There are plenty of people who turn out beautiful creative work, and plenty of people who understand strategic targeting for ads, but pitifully few who can do both at...

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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Kenn and Dave hit the studio in Episode 35 of Brand Junkies to dive into their shared personal passion- Facebook Advertising for a huge ROI.  An aspect of Facebook Ads that’s important to note right out of the gate is that the barrier to entry on running ads is...

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The Core Values That Shape Our Company Culture

Your company culture is so much more than just your context. It’s the framework and driving force of the work your team turns out. Here at Avadel, we let our core values saturate our day to day operations and stand as pillars in our work community. Our experience is...

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Rewriting Your Brand From the Inside Out

If you just came from our last blog post, you know that Dave and Kenn had the opportunity to sit down with Bridget Hall, the Director of Brand Engagement from formerly Bell Helicopter, and now Bell. Bridget brought a treasure trove of insights to the table this...

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Redefing Flight in an Experience Economy

In this episode of Brand Junkies, Dave and Kenn had the honor of sitting down with Bridget Hall, the Director of Brand Engagement from, formerly Bell Helicopter, and now Bell. Redefining an 80-year-old brand is in her words, “a marathon.” What does it look like to...

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