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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Kenn and Dave hit the studio in Episode 35 of Brand Junkies to dive into their shared personal passion- Running Facebook Ads that drive a huge ROI.  An aspect of Facebook Advertising that’s important to note right out of the gate is that the barrier to entry on...

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What’s Up With TikTok?

I hate to break it to you, but TikTok is changing the way social media works — even if you’re avoiding it.   So...What is TikTok?  If you’re new on the scene (or just over the age of 21) you may not be familiar with TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform for...

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Microcopy: A Crash Course In Writing For Social Media

Finding your company voice, establishing identity, balancing witty and trending with consistent brand building...writing for social media is as nuanced as it is abbreviated.  Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month on Facebook alone. If you want people...

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B2B Lead Generation – Six Strategies That Slap

What is B2B Lead Generation? It’s one of the early steps in your marketing or sales funnel. It involves collecting potential customers’ information so that you can begin to nurture those leads through an automated marketing system or other lead warming process. From...

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