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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Kenn and Dave hit the studio in Episode 35 of Brand Junkies to dive into their shared personal passion- Running Facebook Ads that drive a huge ROI.  An aspect of Facebook Advertising that’s important to note right out of the gate is that the barrier to entry on...

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5 Fool-Proof Approaches To Kickass Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are proof that less can be more. Even with the new expanded text option that was rolled out in August 2019, the copy is SUPER limited (and there isn’t visual creative). So how do you get the click with micro-copy? You write with these five fool-proof...

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Stop Running Ads On The Wrong PPC Platform

We talk about targeting a lot and getting your ads in front of the right audience. Let’s back up even a step further and talk about which ad platform is right for you. The first step to lowering your cost per click is to stop running ads on the wrong PPC...

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