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Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Kenn and Dave hit the studio in Episode 35 of Brand Junkies to dive into their shared personal passion- Running Facebook Ads that drive a huge ROI.  An aspect of Facebook Advertising that’s important to note right out of the gate is that the barrier to entry on...

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Are Amazon Ads Worth It?

Most people only think of Amazon as an online retailer (and who DOESN’T spend half their paycheck on prime anymore?) but did you know that it’s also the third-largest digital ad platform in the world - only topped by Google and Facebook? There are over 300 million...

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Boost Attendance With A Better Webinar Landing Page

We’ve seen everything from yoga teacher trainings to the Democratic National Convention move to a digital format this year. If your business model revolves around bringing people together for conferences, training, or retreats you’ve likely felt the impact of the...

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7 Simple Shifts For Better Ad Performance

No one wants to be throwing money away on a dead-end ad campaign! If your ad performance is struggling, don’t panic. There are simple, data-driven shifts that you can make to boost your ad performance. Let’s look at seven ways to improve your ads.   #1 Track...

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