How to Choose an SDR Firm

The key to your business’s success is not just quality work, it’s knowing how to generate B2B leads!

One way to ensure you have plenty of B2B leads is to outsource your sales prospecting through a Sales Development Representative (SDR) firm. Here’s what an SDR firm like Avadel can do for you.

Tailor your targeting

Of the millions of businesses out there, which ones would be the best fit for your company? You don’t want to waste your time contacting people who wouldn’t benefit from your services. An SDR firm like Avadel can narrow the search to generate the B2B leads who would be most qualified based on the company’s services, revenue, size, or other factors. Then we get in touch with the decision-makers and influencers for those companies through targeted cold email campaigns.

Engage with your prospects

Once you or your SDR firm has identified B2B leads, you need to engage with them on a more personal level. This means not just linking them to resources about your company, but answering their questions directly and even setting up demonstrations.

When prospects respond to our email campaigns, Avadel’s dedicated team of schedulers engages with your B2B leads to provide information, build relationships, and ultimately book meetings with your sales team.

Optimize your content

You need to give your B2B leads the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to do business with you. That means that your website needs to 1) be SEO friendly so prospects can find your business and 2) have content that is readable and useful.

In addition to running email campaigns with copy that’s proven to get results, Avadel can help you optimize your website to generate the B2B leads for your company.

Let’s Talk!

If you want to partner with an SDR company that knows how to generate B2B leads, we’d love to chat!

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