Frequently Asked Questions

We’re approaching sales development in a totally fresh, radical way... You’re not the only one with questions!
What is SDR?

SDR is short for Sales Development Representative and is generally understood as a role or team solely focused on outbound prospecting. Our remote SDR team does the legwork to identify, connect with, and ultimately pass off highly qualified prospects to your internal sales team!

Why SDR?

Ultimately, the answer to ‘Why SDR?’ is to increase your sales. We take prospecting, cold outreach, follow-up, and scheduling off of your plate. Your sales team can devote all of their energy to providing incredible service to your clients and closing deals!

Who is Avadel?

Avadel is a delightful team of high-energy, fast-paced SDR experts based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our core values are tenacity, curiosity, initiative, authenticity, accountability, and humanity. We bring all of that and more to the table to help your business thrive.

Why Avadel?

We meant it when we said we’re taking a fresh, radical approach to SDR work. Your plans are based on results delivered – not hours worked. Every contract is on a month-by-month basis because no one should trap you into a solution that isn’t a good fit. We offer you value upfront and ongoing so that you’re freed up to make nimble, impactful decisions for your business.

TL/DR – Avadel because we make good on our promises and we don’t trap anybody with long contracts.

Who works on my account?

Each of our clients has a four-person team in the US dedicated to their account: 

Your Strategist – identifies key verticals and finds highly qualified leads

Your Copywriter – creates delightful digital messaging and direct mail that gets lots of attention

Your Scheduler – provides prompt, helpful responses to questions and books your meetings

Your Account Manager – provides weekly consulting to explore new ways to book successful meetings

How do you send emails without them going to SPAM?

We purchase unique domains for cold outreach and meticulously maintain their health! By only using verified email contacts we keep our bounce rate low and our engagement high. That means your messages land in the inbox every time.

How long are your contracts?

If someone needs to trap you in a long-term contract… run. All of our contracts are set up on a month-by-month basis. This setup ensures that you’re always free to go and that we’re always working our hardest to keep you around!