Email Lead Generation

The key to your business’s success is not just quality work, it’s a steady stream of meetings with potential clients!

One way to ensure you have plenty of leads is to outsource your sales prospecting through a Sales Development Representative (SDR) firm to do cold email lead generation. If you’re not sure how to get started finding someone to do your prospecting, here are some factors to consider.

Do they have proven experience?

Before signing on with someone for email lead generation, you need to be sure you’re going with someone reputable. Ask them about their experiences and successes with your industry in particular. What kinds of companies have they been able to book meetings with?

At Avadel, we’ve gotten clients meetings with companies like Fiverr, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and Geico. One of our clients booked 30 meetings in their first 30 days!

Will you get a dedicated account manager?

You need to know what’s going on with your account. If you’re running into problems, such as getting meetings with unqualified leads from the email lead generation campaigns, you need to have access to someone at the SDR firm who can help you sort things out.

Avadel’s account managers meet with you weekly to discuss successes and concerns. They’ll even coach you through the process of closing the deal in your meetings.

What are the terms of the contract?

No SDR firm can 100% guarantee that their email lead generation will work for your business. So the best SDR firm is not going to lock you into a risky long-term contract.

Avadel minimizes your risk by getting you your first three meetings for free. Plus, we only require 30 days’ notice to terminate your contract.

Let’s Talk!

If you need to partner with someone about email lead generation, we’d love to chat!

We have a special promo for new clients. You get $1000/month off our services! Just mention promo code SDR2021 when you book a meeting with our CEO, Dave Valentine.

And yes, you can book with Dave directly!