5 Ways To Build Brand Authority

Before a decision-maker books a meeting with your company, they will google you. What they find in that search should engender trust that you can move the dial for their business. It should build brand authority, the customer’s belief that you can do what you say you can do.

#1 Boost Your SEO

We know this is a long-term tactic, but it’s hard for your brand to build authority if people haven’t heard of you. When prospects have questions related to your area of expertise, your website needs to come up. SEO really deserves a blog series (or book) unto itself, but for our purposes, let’s just remember not to underestimate its importance in building brand authority.

#2 Establish Consistent Branding

Your messaging and design need to stay consistent across all of your materials in order to boost your brand recognition. A potential client needs to see your messaging 5-7 times before it sticks! If they see a different message or logo each time they’re exposed to your brand, you’ll never develop that sense of familiarity you’re looking for.

#3 Post Relevant Content

Posting new, relevant content on a regular basis not only helps with your SEO and visibility – it positions you as a thought leader in your field. Your blog posts and social media content should highlight the knowledge and wisdom your company has acquired through your experience as a business. In some service-based industries, giving away some of the “secrets” to your success can build your brand authority as well!

#4 Publish Content

This could be as simple as publishing an ebook or writing a consistent, informative blog – or it could be as in-depth as writing a book or publishing articles in trade publications! Creating content about your area of expertise establishes you as a thought leader. The more reputable publications you can get into, the better your name recognition will become.

#5 Social Proof 

Nothing builds brand authority like a track record of success. People trust your brand when they see the tangible benefits you’ve provided to other companies. Display testimonials, reviews, and case studies in a prominent place on your website. Similarly, highlight any awards that you’ve won to prove past successes. 

Feature several use-cases for various sizes and types of companies on your site. When prospects land on your page, they should be able to find a case study that helps them imagine receiving the same type of results for themselves. 


If your web presence is rock-solid, your prospect is halfway sold before they even speak with your sales representative! If you’ve got stellar brand authority and just need a steady source of prospects, drop us a line!