Writing Divine Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing readers see when they receive an email. Boring or basic subject lines just aren’t going to cut it! We rounded up a few different approaches to help you write divine subject lines that will have your open rate through the roof.

One of the first steps to writing a subject line is deciding the tone. This will guide the creative process so test a few to find what’s most effective for your business.

Here are 5 different approaches to try:


1). Humor

Tuesday Morning went with what would be considered a humorous or lighthearted tone. Alluding to the popular song, “Who Let The Dogs Out” can help draw readers in who may have otherwise ignored the email. Not only is fun – it’s direct. It tells the reader exactly what’s inside the email.

Funny subject lines can be a fun approach, but it’s important to remember that your goal should be to communicate clearly. If the purpose of the email is lost in the subject line, you need a different approach. This is also where knowing your audience comes in handy. Do they enjoy funny subject lines, or should you be more professional?


2). Personalized

Next is the custom hair care company, Prose, and their pretty perfect use of personalization with the subject line “We know what you need 🔮.” Now, personalization doesn’t necessarily mean catering an email to a reader by using their name.

Instead, the strategy is the focus on their behavior. Prose can utilize that want and draw readers into opening the email if their audience is looking for a specific service or expectation. Also, they use a single emoji in a proper form to not be flagged by spam filters! A+ job!


3). Question

Depop, an online merchant website, commonly uses the question approach when it comes to their email subject lines. In this case, they are using a conversational question that is asked relatively often in the fashion world, “Where did you get that?” Even though this seems like a basic subject line, the conversational approach will entice readers to click on the email because they will want to see what product they are featuring.

When using this form of a subject line, make sure to align with the deal you’re offering to ensure everything stays relevant.


4). Scarcity

For those looking to use scarcity subject lines, Sips By has the right idea! The main goal of scarcity subject lines is to enact a feeling of desire by something that isn’t going to be around forever. These are great for limited-time offers and will have readers clicking through emails to access the deal!

Since there is a sense of urgency with this subject line, it’s good to utilize capitalization and punctuation. But remember, make sure it’s an appropriate amount to ensure the email stays away from the spam folder!


5). Exclusivity

Everyone likes to feel special! Exclusivity subject lines work to make the reader feel extra important and thus more inclined to open an email to reveal a deal specific to them.

A good rule of thumb when using this form of a subject line is to use segmentation. Not everyone on your email list would be considered a “VIP.” It would be best to focus on those who have been supporters for a while or those who specifically have signed up to get emails regarding special deals.

Creating effective subject lines is a process. If you need assistance writing copy for your emails, don’t hesitate to reach out!