Native Lead Generation Ads Are The Future

Lead generation campaigns of the past heavily relied on landing pages to gather a potential customer’s name, email address, and/or contact number. Slow loading landing pages and a lack of mobile optimization have become a curse for lead seekers: they increase bounce rates by 8.3%, decrease conversion rates by 3.5%, and decrease page views by 9.4%. Native lead generation ads are the way forward.

Native lead generation ads are designed for mobile navigation and allow contacts to become leads in just a few clicks. Let’s break down what that means for you and your business.


Why are native lead gen ads so great?

01 – No Need For A Website

If your business doesn’t have a website (or has one that plays poorly on mobile), you can run native lead generation ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google with a lead form integrated into the ad to collect data as a seamless part of your campaign – no link clicks required.

02 – Quality Leads

Only potential customers who are interested in your company or services share their data in a lead form. These leads are more likely to convert into customers and can help dial in your sales efforts. Specifically, the Google lead form extension and YouTube’s TrueView for Action Form Ads serve your form to people who have specifically searched for you or a product/service related to your offer. Implicit interest is synonymous with quality when it comes to leads.

03 – Targeting

Similarly, you can make your targeting for your lead gen ads as broad or as narrow as you need to capture the attention of potential clients. If you have a niche offering – serve that lead form only to the exact audience it was intended for. This allows you to build highly qualified lists of potential customers.

04 – Reduced Drop-Offs


Lead forms collect data without forcing potential customers to leave the platform. That means more conversions! Lead generation campaigns on Facebook have an average conversion rate of 12.53%. That’s 2.07% higher than conversion campaigns that point to a landing page. The difference is likely due to the fact that these ads pre-populate the user’s contact information. It lowers the bar for conversion and reduces the rate of drop-off.

05 – Easy Integration

It’s easy to use services like Zapier to connect your native lead forms to whatever customer relationship management system you utilize. Shoot them an email, a text, or notify a member of your team to follow up with them immediately. Remember: New leads are 100x more responsive if your sales team reaches out to them within 5 minutes as opposed to within 30 minutes and new leads are 3000x more responsive if you reach out within 5 minutes vs five hours later.


Turning a lead into a customer is easier said than done! Check out this helpful blog series Close Internet Leads Like  A Pro and don’t forget that we’re here to help every step of the way. If you’ve struggled to get the quantity or quality of leads that you need, get in touch with us.