A Year In Review

Highlights From 2020

It’s been an exciting year at the agency as we’ve helped over 30 businesses navigate the pandemic and all of the challenges we’ve faced throughout 2020. We’ve won Davey awards for social media that established a digital community through engagement. We launched seven new brands in the midst of this economic downturn. We repositioned some of our oldest clients to help them stay solvent as the need for their services stopped making sense in a socially-distanced world. 

We’re incredibly thankful for the creative problem-solving and dedication of our team as well as the trust of our clients. 

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the year.


Social Media That Matters

Starting conversations and building a community

Digital communities took precedence in 2020 as in-person gatherings became less feasible. The Liturgists Podcast has a huge following of people all over the world. We brought them together and gave them a space for conversation through compelling social media. Click through to see some of our favorite posts.

New Brands To Meet New Needs

Helping Vita Persona connect the world with vital supplies

Our cold B2B email outreach campaign effectively launched this new brand that was created to meet the demands for high-quality PPE. With over 5000 sends, a 41% open rate, 10% click-through, and 2% reply, we generated enough traction to establish them in their market space.

Turning $2K into $105K During A Pandemic

Shifting and diversifying a long-time client’s approach to digital ads

Over the last 5 years, Avadel has helped increase total rev for this client by 20%+ each year. With the new challenges of 2020 and amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we recognized the need to dramatically increase their revenue by shifting and diversifying their approach to digital ads. 

We strategized and executed a spin-off of ‘what not to do’ videos centered around an original character called ‘Wash Rat.’ This truly out-there creative content drove massive amounts of social media ad engagement, sharing, and conversions. This campaign was so successful that Powerwash.com had a $51 to $1 ROI in the midst of the economic downturn.

With only $2,000 spent in May 2020, we helped Powerwash.com generate over $105,000 in trackable conversions on Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, and AdRoll retargeting.


What Comes After 2020?

We’re gearing up for a year that continues to be ‘unprecedented.’ As a vaccine becomes widely available and the market begins to rebound, shifts away from currently heavily-populated digital spaces will leave some business reeling. 


We’re ready, and we’d love to help you navigate all the newness that will come with next year. Click here if you have any questions and let us know how we can help.