Boost Attendance

With A Better Webinar Landing Page

We’ve seen everything from yoga teacher trainings to the Democratic National Convention move to a digital format this year. If your business model revolves around bringing people together for conferences, training, or retreats you’ve likely felt the impact of the pandemic in a really visceral way. If you’re shifting to a webinar format for your gatherings, your landing page is KEY to getting sign-ups and actual attendees. 

Here are a few of our best practices for webinar landing pages.


#1 Write A Killer Headline

Your headline will make or break your webinar landing page. According to Copyblogger, around 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% will read everything else. If your headline doesn’t capture attention, the rest of your content might as well be blank.

In a study by Outbrain, the average click-through rate on headlines with negative superlatives was a staggering 63 percent higher than that of their positive counterparts. On top of that, readers were far more likely to click through headlines that had an emotional appeal or used power words. We don’t mean clickbait, we mean taking a passive headline like:

“Learn How To Close A Deal”

And using a negative superlative to give it more punch:

“Never Miss Another Sale”


#2 Engaging Copy

Alright so for the 20% who are going to read the body copy of your webinar landing page (actual attendees are going to be in this group btw), your copy needs to be informative, concise, and engaging.

There are three things you need to keep in mind to write good copy.

1. Every word counts. Every sentence you write should make the reader want to read the one that comes next. This isn’t a high school English assignment with a minimum word count. If you don’t need it – don’t say it.

2. Write without infinitives. An infinitive phrase is passive. Instead of saying, “This webinar will help you to improve at sales.” say “This webinar makes you better at sales.” It’s a smaller cognitive load for your reader and it reads with more authority.

3. People only know what you tell them. You can’t assume that anyone who comes to your webinar landing page knows anything beyond what’s written there. If your keynote speaker has a PhD – tell them. If there’s been a shift in regulations for your industry and the information you’re sharing is more pertinent than ever – tell them. If you’ve had wild success in this space and that’s why you have this platform – tell them.


#3 Compelling Imagery

Visually create an experience for your user when they come to your webinar landing page. Maybe your visuals depict the success you promise if they attend or the failure you’re going to save them from. Set the tone and present yourself professionally.


See that beautiful, bright call to action above? “Register Now.” This is the simplest and most straightforward CTA for your webinar landing page. A lot of people fall into a bad habit of only using the CTA “submit” at the end of their lead forms. Especially if your copy is written in a conversational tone we suggest you personalize your CTA. 

Try one of these:

Get My Ticket
Book My Seat
Sign Me Up
I Want To Join
Count Me In

If you have the ability to A/B test your landing page, testing different CTAs can have a huge impact on the number of sign-ups you receive. 


#4 Don’t Multitask

This is the most important aspect of building a successful webinar landing page. Do NOT poke holes in your page. What does that mean? Only have one CTA and don’t give people a way to get off of your page. This is a terribly common error. Trying to build authority or get people hooked in, individuals will add links to blog posts, their company site, their product pages, all manner of things. 

Your goal is to hook somebody in, convey important information as quickly as possible, and get them to register. That’s it. You’re not trying to get them to go to your site, to learn about your company, or check out your new product release. Landing pages can’t multitask. Streamline your landing page with one objective – webinar registrations. 


By running a webinar for your audience, you connect and build relationships with prospects while you educate them on your industry. All of that builds brand trust and awareness. If you need help building a webinar landing page or marketing your next event, get in touch with us. We’re always here to help.