Using Ebooks To Drive Conversions

Not sold on ebooks? With the amount of content being created and turned out into the marketplace, value matters now more than ever. Even with Google’s mobile-first indexing carving out a place for short-form blogging, 1,500-3,000+ word blogs still drive the most traffic (and thus the most conversions). 

Users are looking to find detail, authority, and a depth of information in one location to save them from sifting through an enormous quantity of fluff content to find what they need. (And we don’t blame them.) 

Ebooks are an incredible resource for your consumers and your business alike. By pushing that long-for writing even a step further, you’re able to dive into topics with nuance and depth in ways that aren’t appropriate or reasonable for a blog platform. Aside from being a highly desirable content asset, let’s look at five ways you can leverage ebooks to move your audience towards conversions.


Gain leads 

Ebooks are one of our favorite lead magnets. By driving lead generation campaigns and ‘trading’ this piece of content for an individual’s contact information, ebooks are the workhorse of a good content marketing strategy. 


Warm leads

As individuals engage with your ebook, you can inform them about your product, service, and your company. It takes an average of 19 different touches with a brand before a cold lead moves to conversion, and your ebook can provide the content and mechanism for many of them.

With a well-written ebook, you have a plethora of content to derivatize. Pull out individual chapters as blog posts, use pull-quotes as social media posts, and point to the content with targeted ads. Continue to use the content in a compelling way to warm your leads towards conversion.


Build authority 

One of the best ways to build authority in your industry to create an eBook that showcases a subject your audience cares about. It’s a fantastic platform to answer their questions or concerns in a creative, engaging way.

The design of your ebook matters as much as the content here. Having clear design guidelines for your brand will also give your publication a more professional, branded look that will translate into a sense of credibility.


Build an email list for targeting

With the email list built by your lead generation campaign, you can zero in the targeting for your ads, create a lookalike audience, and retarget downloaders of your ebook to move them through your sales funnel. 


Use emails for AMS

Use this email list to start email marketing campaigns as well. You can build on the topics touched on in your ebook and delve deeper into overcoming your potential customers’ purchase hesitations. Add these leads to your general newsletter list and any other lists you have so that they keep getting consistent touches from your brand. 


 Not sure what to write about? 

 Here are six easily approachable formats and prompts to get you started:

1. Expert Tips
As a professional in your field, you have wisdom to share! What are your top 5 (or 7, 12, 32, whatever!) tips or insights that would both benefit your reader and establish you as a voice with authority on the subject matter?

2. Pulling Back the Curtain
Is there a commonly held belief about your industry that you know to be false? Is your product or service different because it addresses this disconnect? What statistics and facts could you present to educate your audience on this matter and pull back the curtain on why they should be working with you instead?

3. The Familiarity Funnel
Readers like to start with what they already know and can connect to. Can you educate your audience and take their understanding to a deeper or more full understanding of an issue that relates to your industry?

4. Problem/Solution
What is the problem that your product or service solves? How does it improve the daily life of your customers? Could we tease that discomfort and set the stage for a full impact explanation of the solution to the problem?

5. The Loss that is a Gain/ The Gain that is a Loss
Could you shed light on how something in your industry that starts as a loss can be turned into a major win? Or vice versa? This book would be more anecdotal than some of the other ebook options. Did losing your biggest client lead to rethinking your process and revolutionize your business? Did gaining your dream job cost you your personal health? Can you share what you learned on that journey?

6. Answer the question, “Why?”
Education in its purest sense! Is there an aspect of your industry that doesn’t make sense without an in-depth explanation? What resources, statistics, and anecdotal evidence could you provide to help your audience gain the framework of understanding they need to realize the impact of the work in your field?


We hope this helps you get started! If writing just isn’t your thing, get in touch with us. We have an ebook creation process that’s a lot simpler than you’d think!