We’re giving you more than a sneak peek into our process. This week, we’re giving you a preview of a brand that doesn’t launch until August 3rd. This recent branding project hit extra close to home, and we’re just too excited to keep it from you any longer!

If you haven’t met our founder and fearless leader Dave Valentine, you’re missing out. Dave is a big dreamer, an abstract thinker, and a great human. He’s also a powerhouse CEO, Investor, & marketing expert with over 15 years of experience watching, following, and setting marketing trends. David has worked with hundreds of brands to grow their business and their bottom line by gaining massive returns from their marketing. 

As a CEO, business coach, dad, and friend, Dave sets everyone around him up for success by creating a space where they can thrive. Part of that is making room for people to discover what they want, who they are, and what they’re looking for. Honestly, Dave has so much to offer, we can’t keep him totally to ourselves. (You’ll learn more about THAT on August 3rd.) But for now, check out the design journey of his branding:

A Signature Logo

Having the opportunity to create the branding for someone so foundational to our company has been a trip! Our design team started by deciding to create a logo that mimicked a signature. We didn’t want anything that would box Dave in or put a spin on any content he released in the future. We wanted to communicate that everything he puts out is uniquely

Signatures are interesting in design because often, you can’t read them. Our design team decided to approach the project by first experimenting with different fonts. The first iteration was a great launching place, but lacked dynamism. The signatures looked too formal, too flat. 

Adding in a bold font for part of the design built tension between the two styles, giving the design a much-needed boost of energy. From there, searching out the perfect typeface, positioning, and color ultimately allowed us to land on a logo that felt authentically “Dave.” 

Check it out and get ready for something big from Dave Valentine.


Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

The Final Product: