Welcome to Google Discovery Ads

Let’s be honest, we all want to get our content in front of the 2.9 billion users on Google. Google’s new Discovery ads, the latest release on the platform, might just be the simplest way to do it.

Discovery campaigns handle most of the ad testing, targeting, and optimization for you. They also push your ad across YouTube, Gmail, and the Discover feed. Google Discover ads deliver highly visual, inspiring, personalized ad experiences to people who are ready to discover and engage with your brand — all through a single campaign.


Much like responsive Google Display ads, Discovery ads are optimized for you. Now, with Discover, you can reach your ideal customer at scale with a single campaign. Simply enter the building blocks for your ads — your headlines, descriptions, inspirational images, and logos — and Google will show your ads to highly interested customers using the cost-per-action (CPA) bid and budget that you set.

Google reports that, “Discovery campaigns include the following features:

-With the ability to reach up to 2.9 billion people monthly on the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs, and Discover, you can now reach more potential customers as they browse for everything from the latest fashion trends to new cooking recipe videos on popular Google properties.

-Thanks to Google’s unique understanding of customer intent, you’ll be able to show more relevant, meaningful ads to people when they’re most interested and ready to learn more about your products and services.

-Designed for discovery as consumers browse their favorite content and feed-based experiences, our ad formats rely on machine learning to build and showcase your assets seamlessly across devices — helping you spark customer interest and action with less effort and time.

-You can use Maximize conversions bidding or Target CPA to optimize your campaign bids to meet your media marketing objectives.”

That all sounds pretty great…but how do you know if Discovery campaigns are right for you?

Discovery campaigns may be a good choice for you if:

-You have the capacity to create high-quality, engaging visual content.

-Your goals include audience expansion. Discovery campaigns can help you drive interest from potential customers when they’re open to trying new brands.

-You want to retarget customers as they return to Google feeds over time, whether they’ve previously visited your website or previously made a purchase.



Several campaign settings, like bidding and targeting, are automated for Discovery campaigns. This aims to save you time and help your campaign deliver optimal performance based on the marketing objective, bid, and budget that you choose. However, when you run Discovery campaigns, you won’t be able to adjust the following settings:

-Manual bid strategies
-Delivery method
-Device targeting
-Placement targeting
-Placement exclusions
-Frequency capping
-Ad rotation
-Contextual targeting


Assets & Specs

Images: Every Discovery ad needs to have strong visual assets to make an impact and stop users from scrolling past. This isn’t like Google Search where you’re only competing with text and it’s not the time to play it safe. 

You can upload up to 15 different images for Google to test in a Standard Discover ad. Testing different images and sizes (square & landscape) will get you the most reach. For a Carrousel Discovery ad, you can upload between two and 10 images that will be shown as cards in the order that you upload them.

Headlines: Your headline will show as a first bold line of text on your ad. You can provide up to five 40-character headlines.

Descriptions: You have 90 characters to play with for your descriptions, fleshing out a little more information to tease your offering. You can upload up to five descriptions.

Business Name: Your business name appears along with your ad. As much as it seems like this should go without saying, keep your business name consistent so that people can search for you effectively. For example, if your business name was Bay County Brewing Company, you might go by Bay County Brewing, Bay County Brewing Co., BCBC, or BC Brewing depending on the context. For your digital presence, choose one name and stick with it.

Optional Call To Action: You can choose from a select list of common CTA buttons (Learn More, Shop Now, Get Quote, etc.) to include with your ad or you can allow Google to test this optimization for you. 


When Can I Start Running Discovery Ads?

Right now! As of June 2020 Google Discovery Ads are available on all accounts. If you have questions about this tactic or want to work with a premier content production agency,
get in touch with us. We’d love to help your brand get discovered.