The Magnetic Appeal Of Nextdoor During Coronavirus

In the wake of coronavirus, proximity has never mattered more. This has led to a HUGE surge in usage on the platform Nextdoor. No longer relegated to lost pet posts and ‘free items on the curb’ notices – the app reports an 80% increase of users in the last quarter. 

A few hyper-localized changes on the app have kept the growing audience engaged. How can you get ads in front of that audience? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you might think. Let’s look at the recent changes and what they mean for you as a business.

Local Matters

Help Maps

The Help Map feature on Nextdoor allows neighbors to connect around needs they have or ways they’re willing to meet the needs of others. Using the map software that they previously used for trick-or-treating routes or to highlight the best-decked houses at the holidays, the Help Map allows members of a household to list ways that they’d be willing to lend a hand – like running errands, calling to check-in, or taking garbage cans to and from the curb for elderly and immune-compromised neighbors.


Nextdoor groups are similar to Facebook Groups in that they allow users to gather around a specific topic, cause, or any other rallying point. The difference here is that Nextdoor verifies the location of group members by phone or postal mail while Facebook has no way of verifying user claims of who or where they may be. 

During coronavirus restrictions, communities have utilized this feature to keep school communities connected, share activities to do at home, and unite local faith communities. These hyper-localized connection points are keeping engagement high and the Nextdoor app continues to creep higher on the most-downloaded list.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a collaboration between Nextdoor and retail-giant Walmart that aims to make it easier for community members to help each other amid COVID-19. Users can request assistance or offer to pick up items and medications for one another during local shopping trips. This is separate from services like curbside pickup at Walmart or apps like Favor.

Walmart stated that Nextdoor was the ideal partner for the program because of its ability to verify the physical location of users on the platform with their phone number and address, lessening the risk of exploitation of already vulnerable community members.  

There is a chance to see the program expanding to include other retailers in the future, spelling out sustainability and growth for Nextdoor. 


Advertising On Nextdoor

If you’re reading this thinking, ‘I’ve got to get in there!’ You’re not alone — but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Nextdoor outlines its advertising options here:

1. Local Deals

Local Deals enable businesses and neighbors for hire to share discounts and promotions with their neighbors on Nextdoor. The price to purchase a Local Deal can start as low as $1. Learn more about posting local deals with Nextdoor for Business 

2. Neighborhood Sponsorship

Certain types of businesses can purchase a Neighborhood Sponsorship on Nextdoor. With a Neighborhood Sponsorship, these businesses can create automated ad placements on Nextdoor and post to the Newsfeed in targeted ZIP code(s). 

Types of businesses that can purchase a Neighborhood Sponsorship are limited to Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Home Renovation Experts, Home Insurance Pros, Home Mortgage Experts, Rental Property Experts, Vacation Rental Experts, and Rental Property Experts. Learn more about Neighborhood Sponsorship.

3. Sponsored Posts for National Brands

Sponsored posts are posts created by businesses that are participating in a paid advertising program. Sponsored post advertising is only available for larger regional or national businesses. The Minimum spend commitment is $25,000 a month. Learn more here.

If you don’t fall into the specific criteria above, don’t fret. If you’re a local business, the best thing you can do is create a Business Page. Neighbors can recommend or message the business, and check their Page to look up general business information like phone number, address, website, or hours. You can take it into your own hands to start conversations, create a group, or engage with your local community.

Managing a thriving Nextdoor presence can be time-consuming. If you need help leveraging this local business goldmine, get in touch with us. We love helping great neighbors.