Creative Ways to Keep Marketing (and Selling) During COVID-19

In less than a month our economic climate has taken a drastic turn away from in-person purchasing. What can you do to keep your business afloat and keep customers making purchases while they’re navigating social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Change Your Offerings (Temporarily.)

This won’t be forever, but for this time you have got to turn what you offer into something people can use. For businesses that offer a commodity, this is a little bit more straightforward – as much as possible, move to selling online or using curbside pickup, limited hours, or whatever else you need to do to keep your business going while practicing responsible social distancing. 


If you’re a restaurant or brewery, COVID-19 means now is the time to think outside the box. We work with a local brewpub who is doing pop-up pizza tents in nearby neighborhoods. They’re getting the word out via social media, then setting up a temporary drive through to move hundreds of pies in an evening. It’s less than they would normally be selling, but it’s a fantastic move that should carry them through this season.


If your business only sells services, this is where you’re going to need to get creative. Can you use gated content to make your service a marketable commodity during COVID-19? Can you go live with YouTube videos to stream your yoga class? Can you start doing virtual fitness coaching for everyone who can’t get to the gym? Can you start selling prints or digital downloads of your artwork while you can’t tattoo people? Whatever you business is, there’s a way to make it work. If you can’t think of something sustainable on your own, drop us a line. We’d love to offer our experience to help you come up with a plan. Once you’ve got your offerings worked out, this is going to sound obvious, but…


Take Your Business Online

If you don’t already have a web presence, you can build a simple website with Google for free. Their website builder’s built-in features allow you to add buttons where customers can call, message, get a quote, book services, place orders, and more. As you’re creating your landing pages, don’t forget the seven landing page secrets to skyrocket sales. Having a web presence will build your business long past the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update your Google My Business Listing
. Seriously people. If you’re shortening your hours or adding a phone number for pickup orders, put that sh*t on Google. Nobody is going to know, and if they show up when you would have been open to find your doors locked, odds are they won’t be back. Don’t forget to
optimize your Google My Business listing for maximum engagement and put your hours back to normal once this is all over.

Adjust your keywords to optimize for local business.
Keywords are the words or phrases that are used to match your ads with a user by what they are searching for. Because of COVID-19 and the unique season we find ourselves in, local commerce is king. Even Amazon is prioritizing what’s essential and not offering prime delivery for non-essential items. Consumers are forced to look nearby to get what they need and
updating your keywords to be location-specific helps them find you.

Get your products online
Google Merchant. E-commerce gives you the opportunity to keep a stream of sales going during coronavirus, even when your brick and mortar doors are closed. If you load your products into Google Merchant, make sure to keep them updated with availability and price and don’t forget about them once things go back to normal. Add this to your list of “need to update” items throughout the shutdowns.

Connect on social media.
If you haven’t already, create a free
Facebook Business page. Reach out with and connect with customers in a human way about how COVID-19 is affecting us all. We all need a little more support and authentic connection while we’re separated in our homes. 

Run ads on platforms you haven’t leveraged before.
With the majority of the population practicing social distancing, people are online more than ever before. If you aren’t already running social media ads, now is the time! The internet is where your audience is gathering, speak to your people where they are. 


As you weather the COVID-19 storm as a business and as a person, please remember that you’re not alone. This isn’t forever, and we’ll get through this together. We’ll keep posting content to help you know how to react to this ever-changing situation.