business development & coronavirus

We, as a nation, are in the thick of this pandemic. There are orders to shelter in place, shut down “non-essential businesses,” and while so many are facing layoffs and uncertainty – we’d like to offer a different course. Now is the time to be bold. Now is the time to stand and seize the light at the end of this tunnel. It may sound crazy…but hear us out. Here are our ideas for radical business development during the coronavirus pandemic.

#1 Local SEO Is More Relevent Than Ever

With the majority of people staying close to home, optimizing your business for “near me” searches and keeping your hours and offerings up to date is vital. Offering curbside pickup is useless if nobody knows about it, and meeting your community’s needs with streamlined convenience has never been more important.


#2 Your Online Presence Is Your Lifesource

More people are spending time online than ever before. That means that the quality of your copywriting, web design, and SEO are the key factors your business is riding on. If your online presence is stronger than your competitors, you’ll outperform them in this climate. Conversely, if you didn’t previously invest in your web presence, now is the time.

#3 Pivot, Communicate, And Embrace Necessary Change

Holding on to what we want to be true and missing the opportunity of engaging with what is real is a death sentence to businesses, especially in times like these. Coronavirus has taught us nothing if not to be flexible. Make the necessary changes to your offerings, your operations, and whatever else as quickly as the need arises. Communicate these changes quickly and thoroughly, both to the team executing them, and the customers benefiting from them. 


#4 Invest In PPC Like Your Life Depends On It

More people are in front of their screens and more commerce is moving online. On average, the cost-per-clicks are going down as most businesses scale back in fear. Now is the time to move ahead and take competitive advantage. Investing in PPC now is investing in long-term success as the market rebounds.

#5 Prepare For The Rebound In A Healthy Market

This season will pass, we’re already seeing it in China. Business is returning to something that looks close to normal. If you’re dropping the ball now on long-term efforts like SEO campaigns, PPC advertising, adroll, and organic social – you’ll suffer the effects in two months when we begin to see a healthy market. Set yourself up for success, view these long-game strategies as vital during this time. Don’t put everything on the chopping block out of fear.


#6 Don’t Make Panic Moves 

Do you have 3 years worth of toilet paper stocked up? Don’t do that to your business. Use analytics, metrics, and all the information you can get your hands on for making decisions in this season. Remind yourself – the economy isn’t stopping. Despite coronavirus, consumers are still searching the internet to find the services and goods that they need. Money is changing hands, and it will get better.

#7 Don’t Give Up On Your People

As much as you are able, care for your team in this season. You are showing every employee at your company exactly what they mean to you in this time. To put it frankly, your actions are determining if they’ll be adding a job search to how they spend their time during quarantine. Now is the time to invest in your people.


#8 Be Human, Connect On Social Media

Don’t be afraid to have feelings. Connecting with your audience over the reality of this pandemic is beautiful. Be authentic about how this is affecting your business and affecting your audience in your posts on social media. You will build trust and connection with your audience by showing the ways you relate to their struggles as we all deal with coronavirus.

#9 Focus On Offerings That Make Or Save Your Audience Money

Now isn’t really the time to be pushing luxuries. Center your offerings around ways to make your audience money or ways to save your audience money. Money is tighter and these are the two basic needs of our nation in this moment. Failing to meet them would be a huge missed opportunity.

#10 Don’t Give Up

This will pass. You will make it. The market will flourish once more. Don’t give up, and don’t make decisions like this is the end. If you need help getting your business through this season, we’re here to help. There’s nothing we love more than making our clients money and saving our clients money. Drop us a line, we’ll do this together.