b2b Lead Generation

Six Strategies That Slap

What is B2B Lead Generation? It’s one of the early steps in your marketing or sales funnel. It involves collecting potential customers’ information so that you can begin to nurture those leads through an automated marketing system or other lead warming process. From there, the potential customer is passed off to sales when they become a qualified lead. The goal here is to create a consistent stream of high-intent prospects that you can convert into customers. 

Here are six of our favorite strategies and tactics to garner qualified B2B leads.


Gated Content

If you already have a library of carefully crafted content that you’ve created, gating it with a simple lead form asking for a name and an email address is an easy way to attract and identify leads who care about your business. While many marketers are hesitant to gate their content, it
can be a profitable tactic. Unbounce’s gated content stats suggest that gated content attracts more qualified leads and they boast conversion rates of 19-45%. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lead generation, like anything else, a gated content campaign needs to be tested with your audience and with your content to see if it’s a viable B2B lead generation strategy for your business.

LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn consistently ranks the highest among social media platforms for it’s B2B lead generation value. While the cost per click can be substantially higher than on Facebook & Instagram (part of why we rarely recommend a strategy of solely running ads on LinkedIn) often the quality of your leads is higher than leads that come from other platforms.

Check out our post about LinkedIn Ad Best Practices for our favorite B2B ad hacks.

Video Marketing

More than 75% of Fortune 500 executives view video content regularly and around two-thirds of that number visit the vendor’s website, according to this Forbes study.

Video content has been widely found to be a major driver in purchasing behavior and a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

If your B2B lead generation landing pages and lead forms don’t include video content, it’s time to get those cameras rolling.

Aggressive Retargeting

Prospective customers usually browse several competitors and shop their options before making a purchasing decision – and it’s no different for B2B efforts. Retargeting isn’t as widely used in B2B marketing as it is in B2C efforts, and we think that needs to change. On average, only 2% of buyers convert after their first interaction with a brand. If you don’t gain a lead on your first ask, it’s time to try, try again.

Creative Email Outreach

Email outreach can be best served cold, the trick is to get creative. If you’re making a first impression, be funny! Get straight to the point! And send several follow up emails before you give up on a potential lead.

Things get lost in peoples’ inboxes and you don’t want to miss a future client just because you were afraid of getting ghosted. Nobody wants to hear the same industry jargon spewed at them from a stranger via the internet. Be engaging, witty, and informative to get traction with your audience.

Engage Site Visitors With Live Chat

Or engage them with chatbots if you don’t have the manpower to be answering chat questions. Giving your potential clients answers in real-time is a great way to establish trust and build legitimacy for your business. Integrating automated chatbots into your B2B lead generation strategy creates an avenue for lead gen that won’t take sick days or need to clock out at 5 pm. It’s a great way to provide a seamless experience for your potential clients without overly taxing your people.

Lead generation is an early step in the path towards conversion. As you nurture and warm your leads you may find that you need an extra hand.

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help. Click here to send us a message and request a free copy of our Lead Conversion Guide. We’d love nothing more than to set you on track towards conversion success.