Optimizing Google My Business

Google My Business is a free way to engage with your clients on the largest search platform on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s a tactic that’s often dismissed. Here are a few ways to easily connect with your audience on Google My Business.

Make your business profile attractive.

Imagine that this is a dating website and your business profile is the first impression you’re making. Attractive photography, clear copy, and ACCURATE location and contact info are a must. If someone is craving a good cup of coffee and they drive across town because your Google listing says you’re open, and you’re not…? That person isn’t just going to be frustrated and likely not come again, they’re going to tell their friends.

Give your customers more ways to contact you.

(More contact = more business.) Set up your Google My Business profile to include functions to call, text, message, email, go to your website and every other way that potential customers can reach you. Everyone has their preferred communication method and you don’t want to miss out on potential clients because you weren’t easy to get ahold of. 

Learn from how users engage with your profile.

The Insights from Google My Business are powerful for informing your efforts going forward. See how many times people engaged with you via Search and Maps and see the hierarchy of keywords that let them to your profile. The Insights portion of Google My Business also provides you with photo views, phone calls from your profile, what zip code users are when they request directions, customer actions on your profile, and where users found your listing.

Add posts to your business profile.

Add updates, events, special offers, and products directly into your Google My Business profile. You can add links to your blogs as updates to help drive traffic and improve your SEO. You can make sure that everyone who looks up directions to your location sees that you have an event coming up this weekend. You can add catalog links where customers can click to purchase directly for your core offerings. Adding posts is a powerful way to integrate Google My Business into every stage of your sales funnel.

Can we just repeat that this is all free? THIS IS ALL FREE.
Do your due diligence with this sweat tactic and start engaging with your audience.

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