The Deets on tweets

Twitter Ad Secrets You Should Steal Right Now

Over 500 million tweets go live every day. If you want your promoted tweets to stand out and cut through the noise – they need to be stellar. Here are our ten best practices for writing Twitter ads that convert. 

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Twitter Ad Best Practices:

1. Learn From Your Organic Tweets

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Let your organic engagement inform your paid efforts. Analyze the engagement with your organic Tweets to see what visuals, style, copy, hashtags, etc. resonate with your audience. Your own engagement stats are your most valuable building block for creating successful campaigns from the ground up.

2. Be Consistent With Your Voice 

As you zero in on your brand voice, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want your brand to make people feel?
  • What are three words that describe your brand?
  • What are your core values?
  • What do you want consumers to do when they interact with your brand?

You’ll build authenticity if your copy ties to your core values and the experience you’re selling along with your products. Remember, Rolex isn’t just selling watches – as a status symbol, they’re selling the experience of wealth. 

3. Promote a Feature

The audience seeing your promoted tweet may not be familiar with all the reasons why your products are top-notch. Hook them with an introduction to a feature of your offerings. Check out this tweet from the shoe brand Rothy’s. We love how they showcased a new feature of their shoes with clever, concise copy.

4. Short & Tweet

Twitter is famous for its 160 character limit, and prolix doesn’t play here. The shorter the sweeter. Your promoted Tweets should be a feature hook with a call to action – nothing more.

5. Have A Clear CTA

Use your key feature and its benefits to craft a clear, concise call to action. The call to action needs to be a plausible next step to move your customer towards experiencing the benefits of the feature you just highlighted. For example, Progressive’s key feature is saving you money on your car insurance. Their call to action is to follow them to get even more savings. Feature + How you gain its benefit = Your call to action.


6. Percentages > Specific Numbers

Twitter itself reports that they see more clicks on Tweets that show discounts as percentages as opposed to dollar amounts. Whenever possible, run sales with percentages instead of a flat amount off.

7. Take Advantage Of Big Events

Half of Twitter users planned to use Twitter while watching the last World Cup. With the upswing in Live-Tweeting, promote tweets during high engagement times on the platform for more visibility. (Think major sporting, political, and entertainment events.)


8. Traffic Ad? Ditch The #Hashtags

Normally we love hashtags as much as anyone else, but when you want your audience to click through the ad, hashtags poke holes in your CTA. By giving your audience somewhere else to click that would take them away from your site and the conversation you’re hoping to foster with them, you’re hurting yourself and your marketing efforts.


9. Ask A Question

Twitter is a platform for conversations. Asking a question in your copy can pull your audience into a conversation you’re creating. Twitter reports that website cards featuring a “?” get
25% more clicks. We’re sold on questions. How about you?

10. Test & Optimize

As with any of your PPC efforts, setting and forgetting is your worst enemy. You need to pay attention to your engagement to optimize your ads. Pause campaigns that are underperforming. Remove follower groups, keywords, and Tweets that aren’t performing well and replace them with fresh ones. DON’T walk away from your ads and leave them to the wilds of the web.

Are you thinking about running ads on Twitter? Good thing you got the deets on tweets!

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