5 Fool-Proof Approaches


Google Search Ads are proof that less can be more. Even with the new expanded text option that was rolled out in August 2019, the copy is SUPER limited (and there isn’t visual creative). So how do you get the click with micro-copy? You write with these five fool-proof approaches to kickass Google Search Ads.

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Fool-Proof Approaches To Kickass Google Search Ads


1. Get Local

What do you do when a storm comes through and blows off your roof? You google “[Roofing] + [Location].” When you don’t feel like cooking? “[Pizza] + [Location].” Need to burn some calories after all those pizza nights? “[Gym] + [Location].”

Setting up your Search Ads with this format, “[Keyword] + [Location]” is a great way to get those clicks – especially if you’re a brick and mortar or competing for local business.

2. Ask a Question

In this study, using a question as a headline as opposed to a statement increased click-through rate by 36.18%. Remember, the purpose of a headline isn’t to sell as much as it is to connect with your audience. So, “Looking For [Keyword]?” or, “Want To [Keyword]?” even, “Dealing With [Keyword]?” connects to a need (and often a pain point) for your readers.

3. Specific Number

Precise details help convey that you’re telling the truth. A vague “guesstimate” (or even a solid round number) isn’t going to have the same impact as a specific number because it seems too good to be true. Without other concrete facts, readers might think that you’re making the whole thing up – or at least exaggerating. Take this test for example:



In this example, the bottom variant saw a whopping 217% increase in CTR and a 23% improvement in conversion rates. $45,329 seems like a random number, but it adds legitimacy and builds trust in the reader.

4. Speak to a Pain Point

For this approach, we suggest making your first headline a keyword explaining exactly what you offer and a second headline addressing a pain point you alleviate. So, “[Digital Marketing Experts] + [Don’t Miss Another Click.]” or, “[Family Law Expert] + [No Expensive Attorney Fees]” even better, “[No-Stress Divorce Expert] + [No Expensive Attorney Fees]. 


This approach is particularly helpful if your Search Ad is showing up in a list with your competitors. Even if they also address the same pain point with their services, you’re the one that potential customers will associate with meeting that need.


5. Incentives

Google even tells you to include incentives in your ads (so listen to the overlord). The amazing thing about incentives is that they’re highly persuasive. They instill a sense of scarcity, urgency, and build on our natural aversion to loss. For this approach, your format will look like, “[Keyword] + [Incentive].” For example, “[Women’s Boots] + [Free Shipping on Orders $35+]” or, [Women’s Boots] + [Up To 70% Off Select Styles].”


Here’s the real secret sauce – If you used one of the above approaches for your headlines, pick one of the other four for your descriptions. 


For example:

No-Stress Divorce Expert | No Expensive Attorney Fees (Pain Point)
Experienced, Compassionate Representation In Fort Worth, TX. (Local)
FREE Confidential Consultation. Schedule Yours Today. (Incentive)


Want To Make More Money? | Facebook Ad Experts (Question)
14,236 New Leads For Clients In December (Specific Number)
FREE Brand Audit – Limited Spots, Sign Up Today! (Incentive)

…Ready to write kickass Google Search Ads copy? You’ve got this.
If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.