5 Traits of An All-Star Account Manager

Here at Avadel, we’re lucky to have some incredible Account Managers on staff. What makes working with a skilled Account Manager such a game-changer? Let’s look at how these top 5 traits impact our team and our clients.


5. Communication

At Avadel we operate on a 1:1 communication ratio. That means, we have one point of contact at the agency in contact with one point of contact for our client. We do this so that no information gets lost in translation and to build strong relationships and history with our clients. For our clients, this means that they know exactly who to call if they have new ideas or concerns and they can trust that their needs are being communicated to the creative team. 


Our Account Managers operate on a tight communication time table to make sure that they are getting the creative team all the information they need to best serve the client. A general rule of thumb that they follow is to follow-up with an email every 24-hrs unless an issue is urgent – then it necessitates a phone call. By having weekly meetings with our clients, the Account Managers stay on top of keeping all our work relevant and strategic. Great marketing isn’t just reacting to engagement digitally but also to what the client is experiencing on the ground. 


4. Organization

As you can imagine, being the singular point of contact for multiple accounts can be a lot to manage (not everyone is cut out to be an Account Manager.) The best of the best are incredibly organized about their communication, the notes that they deliver to the creative team, and the information they steward for the client.


Our Account Managers have meticulous digital files for client notes and communicate about each individual tactic verbally, via email, and inside of our project management software. To organize all communication between our agency and our clients, one of our Account Managers created this Client Contact Report and Client Communication Spreadsheet that help her manage her accounts meticulously. 

You can download them here:

Client Contact Report Template
Client Communication Spreadsheet Template


3. Tenacity

A great Account Manager doesn’t only do what’s needed. They’re always bringing new ideas to the client, making themselves available around the clock, and distilling the needs of the client into actionable tasks for our team. They’re reaching out and finding assets and information we need to perfect our work… in short, their work is never done. 


Account Management isn’t for the faint of heart, but our clients and our team rest easy knowing that they have an incredible advocate working around the clock to accomplish their goals. 


2. Conviction

Good Account Managers work to check all the boxes. Great Account Managers’ work is inspired by a genuine desire to see our clients succeed — to build economies, grow businesses, and change industries for the better. A great Account Manager doesn’t just see tasks, they see the big picture. 


This conviction is what drives the momentum for our team and for our client work. It’s what leads straight into our final point:


1. Consistency  

As incredible as each of these traits are, they aren’t worth sh*t if they aren’t executed consistently. Knowing that you have an Account Manager you can count on rain or shine is what builds the trust that moves accounts forward. 
If you’d like to set up a chat with one of our all-star Account Managers,
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