Create Killer Social Media Content

Let’s get real, constantly creating a high volume of quality social media content can get overwhelming. Let’s go through some of our tips and tricks (and a free template!) to get organized and scratch social media content creation off your to-do list.

Get Strategic

First things first, what are trying to accomplish with your social media presence? Brand awareness? Web traffic? Audience education? Pure entertainment? …a smattering of all of the above?

Thinking through why you post before deciding what to post will get your social feeds in line with accomplishing your goals.

This is your opportunity to give your clients (what feels like) a window into your company identity and to create a personal attachment to your brand. As you’re curating your posts we recommend you keep the three E’s in mind:


1. Educate – establish yourself as an authority in your business space.

2. Entertain – gain attention from followers and give them a reason to stick around. 

3. Engage – connect with your audience on a personal level, be top of mind in their day to day life.


That all sounds well and good, but how do you come up with the volume of content you need to have a robust and meaningful social media presence? As tempting as it is to camp out on your own soapbox and keep churning out posts about why everyone needs your product or service, plan to stick to the 80/20 rule. Keep 80% of your posts organic and 20% promotional, otherwise, you’ll risk sounding like an ad reel at the expense of losing connection with your audience.

For the bulk of your organic posts, with our three E’s in mind, set up a regular rotation of content ideas to help you mine/create a feed that’s fresh and full without totally exhausting yourself.

Here are a few of our favorite content ideas to get you started:

– Your Blog Posts
– Your Company’s Culture
– Industry News
– Podcast Episodes
– Team Highlights
– Inspirational Quotes
– Memes
– Spotify Playlists
– A Weekly/Monthly Series
– Promote Your Partners
– Do a Giveaway
– Share a Statistic
– Go Behind the Scenes
– Post Something Seasonal
– Ask (or Answer) a Question

For the 20% of posts that are promotional, focus on value propositions to drive your messaging. Your posts should be centered around how your business meets a real felt need. Here are a few examples of how to craft value propositions for your offering.

Promoting A Product: _____ is improved for my audience if they ____.

Highlighting An Event: If my audience attends _____ their _____ will be better.

To Give A Discount: My audience could save _____ and be _____.

On A Topic: My audience needs to learn or be educated about _____ so they can _____.

As A Solution: This helps my audience solve _____ so they can _____.

Get Organized

Here’s a template that we’ve created to organize social media content for some of our clients. It helps to see an overview of the entire month to get pacing and rhythm for your posts and stay at the 80/20 ratio.

You can download it here.

We wish you successful, stress-free social media content creation! If you have any questions or need a hand managing your digital presence, drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.