Marketing to Gen X - Statistics You Need To Know

Have you forgotten about Generation X in your marketing? Marketing to Gen X could just be the sales force that your business needs. Why?

Generation X now controls more than 30% of America’s purchasing power.

It’s time to make marketing to Gen X a priority. No longer the “lost generation,” Gen X has reached a point of career maturity. Gen X now has the highest average income across all the generations. What should that mean for your marketing? 


Understanding Gen X


Generation X is the smallest generation, only comprised of people born from 1965-1980. According to Adweek, Gen X was largely impacted by family instability in childhood and economic turmoil as they entered the workforce. That adds up to a demographic with strong collective skepticism. 


Gen Xers are entering middle age and have family, homeownership, and mature careers to juggle. They’re busy! And they’re online a lot. 


95% of Gen Xers are active on Facebook.


The other two most popular platforms for this generation don’t even compare. 35% are active on LinkedIn and only 25% of Gen Xers on Twitter. 

Generation X has the highest brand loyalty across all generations.


72% report that they research businesses on the internet before making a purchase. Once Gen Xers find a brand they trust, they stick with it. With recurring sales making up roughly 40% of store revenue, it’s worth the effort to win their trust.

Gen Xers use old and new media.


Technological advances have been a shaping part of Gen X’s experience. Unlike Millenials, Gen Xers were old enough to have engaged with old media. Unlike Baby Boomers, Gen Xers were young enough to embrace new technology with ease. That makes for a generation that streams shows on the web but still prefers to watch their favorite shows on TV, that brings in the mail every day and actively uses social media. 


Marketing to Gen X


What do these statistics mean as you approach marketing to Gen X? 


  • Use New and Old Media: Emails, snail mail, ads in the paper, ads on Facebook, there’s no tactic too new or too old to gain traction with Gen X. 54% of Gen Xers report that they feel ignored in marketing, so make sure that your messaging is clearly speaking to their goals, their stage of life, and their pain points. 
  • Be Authentic: Above all things, authenticity is key when you’re marketing to Gen X. The only way to overcome their powerful skepticism is to connect with them in a real way. If your products or services seem overinflated or if your marketing seems scammy, they’re out. 
  • Offer Security: Gen Xers are seeking stability for their family, career, and personal wellness. Position your offerings to provide security to your customers and longterm value. 
  • Reward Loyalty: Givebacks for loyal customers, coupon codes, memberships that bring discounts, these are all ways to attract and reward your loyal Gen X patrons. 
  • Clean Up Your Web Presence: Make sure that your location, contact information, and hours of operation are current and correct on all of your web listings. Have consistent messaging and branding everywhere that your brand appears (Yelp, Google, social media, your website, etc.). Build trust with consistent branding. 
  • Run Facebook Ads: Facebook is the digital common space for this generation. If you’re marketing to Gen X, the platform is where you can find them. Make the copy of your ads more reminiscent of traditional advertising. Give honest value propositions as opposed to the witty sarcasm that plays well with Millenials. 


If you’re struggling to get traction marketing to Gen X or you want to know more about running Facebook ads specifically targeted to get the attention of Gen Xers, get in touch with us

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