Introducing Avadel

We’ve grown exponentially over the last few years and it’s all because we found our niche, our forte. There are plenty of people who turn out beautiful creative work, and plenty of people who understand strategic targeting for ads, but pitifully few who can do both at an exceptionally high level.  

That’s where we step in. We’ve become experts at our craft and zeroed in on our proven process. We’re running campaigns that are scaling businesses and growing economies. Whether it’s content creation or production design, every tactic we run on any platform is optimized and integrated back to a core strategy centered on Digital Advertising. 

The market share growth for our clients has been incredible. Clients are seeing a 15%+ increase in total revenue in their first 60 days and a return from their ad spend as high as 23:1. Believe it or not, we’ve actually had to turn off ad campaigns because they were TOO successful and businesses couldn’t handle the influx. Some of our clients even have to expand their staffs to accommodate the phenomenal growth.    

Simply put, we’re not the little start-up we once were. We’re a team of seasoned experts. Now we want the face we put forward to the world to look as polished and professional as, well…us. If you’ve been following along over the last several years, you’ve known us as Rethink Creative. Going forward, we are Avadel

Avadel is a word of our own creation that embodies initiative, curiosity, creativity, and a can-do attitude.

You’ll still recognize our tenacity and authenticity. Our core values are held fast. The roots of our success have grown deep and will not change. We have simply outgrown our old branding and in this shift, we’re evolving into something bigger. 

We look forward to all that’s to come. 
Thank you for joining us.

-The Avadel Team