Core values = Avadel Culture

Your company culture is so much more than just your context. It’s the framework and driving force of the work your team turns out. Here at Avadel, we let our core values saturate our day to day operations and stand as pillars in our work community.

Our experience is built on our 6 values of tenacity, curiosity, initiative, authenticity, accountability, and humanity. We thought we’d let a few members of our team chime in to give you a glimpse into how being true to those values shapes our culture and makes our team, quite frankly, totally badass.  




Dave, founder and CEO of Avadel, explains why tenacity is the top value in our list. All of our values build off of each other. In his words, “Tenacity comes from an inner drive to never give up. With any endeavor worth doing there will be setbacks, failures, and times when you want to give up.

“Tenacity drives us to stay the course and to try something new. This fervent desire to never give up comes from not only my vision but is embodied by each and every member of our team. This is such an important piece of our culture, it’s one of the top factors we account for in hiring staff members.”




Curiosity only thrives in a context where it is cultivated and encouraged. Alex explains what curiosity means to her and how it plays out here at Avadel. She says, “To foster curiosity you have to give people the time and space to ask questions, the resources to pursue ideas, and most importantly, the autonomy to shape their own path. Above all though, you need an environment like we have that truly sees curiosity as an asset.

“Our environment doesn’t have rules that are too rigid or too many, it doesn’t micromanage employees, and it doesn’t bring its own prejudices to new ideas. An environment like ours can only happen in a space where the leadership team considers these values to be integral and non-negotiable. Here, with our leadership, the natural curiosity of our team is allowed to germinate and grow.”



Rachel explains, “Initiative is fostered in our company culture by empowering individual members of the team to both recognize and meet needs as they arise.

“We each feel a great sense of ownership in the work that we create and the way we relate to one another. By encouraging innovation and fanning the flame of new ideas, we are encouraged to step up to the plate to better both our processes and the work we deliver for our clients.”




Aly shares about how authenticity is defined in our culture and ultimately our work. She says, “Authenticity, to me, is being original. What’s great about working here and our culture is that you know everyone is being their true selves. You can see it in how we dress, how we talk about ourselves and our lives, and also in our work.

“Everyone here is completely real. That genuineness shows in our work because we feel comfortable here. We love where we work. We love showing up and giving 110% every day for our clients. Everyone here is invested in the work that we do.” 




Autumn explains why having accountability as a core value actually encourages personal responsibility and minimizes petty competition amongst our team members. She shares that, “The main thing that fosters accountability is open communication. When we’re talking about accountability there are two levels we’re speaking of.

“First, there’s taking ownership of yourself and your work. Second, there’s taking responsibility for your team. On our team, there’s freedom to point out things that need to change with team members. We’re encouraged to be collaborative. All of our work is done as a unit, we aren’t a crew of competing individuals.

“By making accountability a core value our team members feel confident that they’re better off eating crow and taking responsibility for mistakes than they would be trying to shift the blame. Taking ownership is respected in our community, we don’t operate in fear of consequences or in a cycle of fighting for our place on the team.”




Rae perfectly encapsulates how establishing humanity as a core value keeps us grounded and healthy as a community. In her words, “We compartmentalize our work and personal relationships and keep an equal balance of both. We never have to worry about if we’re valued as individuals and not just for the work we churn out.

“This plays out in our policies as well. We’re allowed to be human. We can take time off when we need it, we take breaks on our own schedule, we manage our own time. We’re honest about where we’re at and how we can support and encourage one another. Every member of the team is seen as a human first. It makes all the difference.”